Monday, December 4, 2017

SID a little better

So the PC speaker isnt great... but if Id use an actual correct formula for sound it would be a little better.

So I did.  Sound much better (try the pac game as below)

POKE 313,255


Also, F12 will turn skipping 10 frames on.  This is best for slower /older machines.


  1. THIS BUILD has music playing thru my laptop speakers!!!! and it sounds good (as it is) but SOUND. This is with the easter egg running
    Will try some type in prgs and see what it does
    You have some way for donations???

  2. Yeah it works pretty well - I was surprised as well. No donations right now, but thank you for asking. Hopefully we can get some more developers to jump in soon as theres still much to do.

  3. My field is networking/hardware no clue on developing.

  4. Well I do appreciate your help in testing!