Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Its been a year since my last post and people have asked if I will be returning to this project.  If you check my various github repos, youll see Ive been active in a number of projects, so Im still around and have been busy.  Some of my other recent projects include:

* A library for talking to the Ultimate 64 dos and networking functions
* RHML - a web-like browser for the 64 and 128 (and possibly other 8 bits)
* A PC-based SID music making application (WIP)
* Contributing to cc65 and the Ultimate II+ application repos

I found today that another member of the scene (from the Lemon64 Emulation forum) has developed a VICE emulation bare metal for the raspberry pi.  While not x86, I encourage you to check his project out:

Seems like bare metal 64 emulation is really taking off!  And thats a great thing for all of us.

As for OS64, no doubt *yes* I will be back to it - it is not abandoned.  I simply have so many ideas and projects (plus real life stuff) that it's difficult to live in one world for a very long time.  If anyone has interest in helping further OS64 development, I will certainly add you as a contributor.  This code works, as we have discovered, and it's not going anywhere.  So we will get the train moving again soon!

Thank you all for your support and keeping an eye on the project.  Commodore will always carry on. with people like us staying involved.


  1. Great!
    Today I found few moments to check updates and found your post!
    I'm happy that OS/64 is alive.
    BTW: I did installation from OS/64 Live CD...

  2. Great news. Please stick around. Nothing in recent year created more anticipation for me, than your project.