Thursday, April 11, 2019

Working on a HD installer

This one will take a bit of time, but Im working on an HD installer.  Having to jump through hoops to boot the iso from a flash drive, and partition an HD via Freedos is just annoying at best.  So, work commences.  Will keep you guys posted.

Also, I have learned over the course of the previous year how to solve for some hardware issues, and how we can map some devices into the memory space.  Stay tuned on those.

Thanks for your patience!


  1. I did installation - not real - I converted CD ISO to VMDK and used in VMware, then wrote VMDK to real disk and booted into - works, but no access to files - if it uses 1st partition, then it is strange, if it uses own partition it is normal.


  2. Whats the possibility of getting communication to work with this?
    Like to run this with a BBS.. and also use it to call bbs's (via internet)

  3. Still finger crossed for development to continue!