Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Project Name: OS/64

I have renamed the project OS64, as it (I believe) better represents where I want this project to go.  It's meant to be an actual operating system... based on the original Commodore OS.  Although it will have additional capabilities, it should still remain as compatible as possible to the original.

As of now, I have the emulation working, and a FAT32 driver so I can read and write to the harddisk.  It even works in LBA48 mode.  Maybe later Ill add FAT16 support.

Today I added some new functionality to the driver:

1) Delete files
2) Rename files

And to the 80 col function screen (for lack of a better name):

1) Load a BASIC program
2) Save a BASIC program

They properly set the basic pointers after loading, so you can continue working on code.  Nice.

But, this 80 col screen isnt intended to be here forever.  Soon Ill have to start modifying the 64's kernal source to allow the BASIC 2.0 LOAD and SAVE commands (and OPEN, etc) to work with the harddrive.  That's a whole new kind of "ugh". 

What will be interesting is the CBM dos command "N" (as in OPEN15,8,15,"N0:...).  What this command ought to do is format the drive.  But this doesnt take into account partitions, so I suppose the assumption will be that the drive is already partitioned.  Will see.

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