Sunday, November 12, 2017

Serial driver added

Tonight I added a serial driver to the codebase.  It is not yet tied into the CBM emulation though, as Im still figuring out how this ought to be done.  Two options come to mind:

1) Map the settings (2400 8N1) to zero page locations, and then use an 8-bit IO port (memory mapped address) to send and receive data.  This is the easiest route, but has no compatibility with existing terminal programs

2) Integrate it properly through the Kernal routines for device #2.

Naturally #2 is where I want to go.  May need to go with #1 initially in order to test things out quickly though.  The only thing Im not sure about is if I need to use interrupts for this or not.  The code is there if I want to use them for recieve.

Also, this does not mean that USB isnt on its way.  It definitely is.  But baby steps...

Stay tuned.

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