Monday, November 20, 2017

Return of the border...

This past weekend, I decided that it's a bit of a waste to run this on modern hardware if you cant see the C64's border.  We just have to have it.  So, I went in and started working on it.  For awhile I was switching modes using a custom VGA driver, which worked fine between text mode and 320x200, but I was having a good bit of trouble switching to 640x480 or beyond.

Next I started looking at multiboot under GRUB.  Im already using GRUB, so the video mode is really easy to set.  In short time, I had the emulated system running at a nice 800x600, with scaling, to provide a full screen, with borders.  It looks rather nice actually.   The only downside is that I cant reliably switch back to text mode.

In order to solve for this, I think Ill just do away with the built-in text mode, and generate my own, on the same 800x600 framebuffer. (In time we wont really need the text screen anyway, but for debugging, it is handy).  The code is not ready yet, so stay tuned.  But here is my test machine running 800x600 with borders:

A future advantage to this, is that OS64 isnt going to be constrained to 320x200.  We can add memory mapped IO port that lets the user access the 800x600 screen.  Compatibility with enhanced features :)

Also, I did some tests on the emulation with regards to rasters.  I went out to Bombjack and ran some sample programs.  Some things worked great, while some had some issues.  Im thinking the ones that had issues were timing related.  Will revisit those in time.

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