Sunday, November 12, 2017

Silent No More

Ive added basic SID support via the PC speaker.  Yes, its a far cry from the greatness that is SID... but it works.

Naturally the PC speaker cant do ADSR stuff, or even variable volume (I dont think anyway), so it's just a tone generator at the moment.  Also, it only has one voice.  In other words- its not at all ideal and where we want to end up. But its a start.  Later Ill add actual sound card support, but for now, this will at least get our system making some noises :)

Another note - VirtualBox and some other virtual machines cant emulate the PC speaker.  I dont know why (seems like a silly limitation).  So SID programs for OS64 will only work on real hardware.

Here's a couple of videos:

This one was my first test.. a little underwhelming - just a few notes being played.  The only values I needed to POKE were the SID chip for voice 1, volume (anything > 0) and the hi/lo values for notes.  ADSR and waveform stuff can be ignored as they dont do anything.

This next one is 'Mary Had A Little Lamb':


  1. This was running on a little netbook. But I also use a Dell desktop to test, along with VirtualBox

  2. email me please. GOt some (non programming ) ideas. maybe can help with development