Saturday, November 4, 2017

RUN/STOP Key...finally!

I really need to revamp how I'm handling keyboard, but for now Ive added the RUN/STOP key via the Left ALT key.  Also, my kernel LOAD code now properly checks the status byte ($91) and returns FILE NOT FOUND if it can't locate a file on disk.

I still need to solve for the RESTORE key, so RUN/STOP-RESTORE doesnt work just yet.

Also, I need to tackle SAVE, which I will soon.  Im jumping around a little bit to solve some of the annoyances that Ive had lately with it (such as the VGA flicker yesterday).

Some of this code is, admittedly, a bit hackish.  But Im ok with that for now.  Iterate, test, refine.  Goal is to get something working, then come back to it and clean it up as best I can.   But I continue to welcome others who want to get involved in this project to help make it better.


  1. Please don't ever give up with this project. I have been looking forward to something like this for years. Currently I have hacked together a stripped down Windows 10 that boots straight into Micro64 with all logos and eye candy removed, even from the biost post... but *this* is what I always hoped for. Keep going!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I am very determined to see this through (its also quite enjoyable), so stay tuned!